Gemma Chan on Louis Vuitton, personal style and fashion show essentials
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In short, Gemma Chan has it all. The British actor and Louis Vuitton ambassador has not only carved out a name for herself on the silver screen, but she is also on every best-dressed list – lauded for her timelessly chic red carpet style.

We caught up with Chan fresh from the front row of Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter ’24 show, to chat about her favourite runway looks, taking fashion risks and working with stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray.

Please can you talk me through your outfit for today’s Louis Vuitton fashion show?

Gemma Chan: I’d say my look today is chic, a kind of Parisian elegance. It’s a long, two-layer, silk chiffon skirt, with a jacket and a clutch bag. The boots are amazing, with ruching on them. It feels like pared-back, quiet luxury.

What did you think of the show? What were your favourite looks?

GC: I thought the show was just incredible. I thought it was such a brilliant encapsulation of all of Nicolas’ time at Louis Vuitton and I could see elements from so many of his previous shows woven into these looks, which were reinvented takes on the classics. There were so many incredible looks. I love the diaphanous, long gowns with sequins, and then you’ve got a sweater on top – very much my vibe. And then also the short, structured dresses that had the trunk print. I thought it was a really clever tribute to the heritage of the brand.

What were your favourite accessories?

GC: I loved the bags that looked like vanity cases. They looked like, and they have a twist on them, the LV twist, but they look like a kind of vintage vanity case, if I’m describing them correctly.

Was it Rebecca Corbin-Murray [Chan’s stylist] who styled you tonight?

GC: She did. She’s in the car with me right now!

How do you collaborate with Rebecca when choosing looks for an event like this?

GC: I do what she tells me. [laughs] I’m joking. I’d say we’re usually on the same page. Rebecca, how do we collaborate?

Rebecca Corbin-Murray: I have a good idea of what you like and you are not afraid to take risks, but equally, you do lean towards beautiful classic silhouettes, and it’s often very classic looks with a twist and a strong fashion element. I think Gemma is known for really beautiful red carpet looks. Yeah, I think we’re both on the same page. I think I try to take a few more risks…

GC: I love it. No, I love the drama! Any excuse. I mean, it obviously depends on the occasion. It’s different dressing for a fashion show as opposed to a big red carpet.

When attending a fashion show, what are the five essentials you always have in your bag?

GC: It depends on the bag. But I would say mints, blotting papers, phone, lipstick. And an eyeliner – a soft brown colour to top off what I already have.

Talk us through your makeup look.

GC: We wanted something refined that would work day to night. It’s a little bit of smokiness on the eye – I mean, Nicolas’ aesthetic is to just have everything very clean and nothing too fussy, but just looking like the best version of yourself. And for the hair, a natural kind of texture. Nothing too overdone or nothing too try-hard.

What are your go-to Louis Vuitton accessories, day-to-day?

GC: Louis Vuitton makes the best accessories. They make incredible boots, which I wear pretty much every day. I’ve got a backpack that I wear all the time. I’ve got these trainers that are like mules – they’re backless. You can just slip them on and wear them anywhere. They’re my favourites.

How would you describe your style?

GC: I would say day to day it’s quite laidback when I’m not working. And then when I am working, really upping the drama and going for something with a bit of a twist.

RCM: Making magic on the red carpet!

GC: Oh, we try. [laughs]

What is on your spring wish list and what trends will you be embracing for spring/summer?

GC: I’ve been a bit scared of the return of low rise trousers, but I think actually I need a really good low-rise tuxedo trouser, which I don’t have, which could go with everything.

RCM: With just a white T-shirt.

GC: Yeah, exactly. With a white T-shirt. I’m on the hunt for a pair.

And what will you be investing in for autumn/winter?

GC: I mean, you can’t go wrong with investing in a new coat. I like my coats quite androgynous, bit of a boxy shoulder.

What about the embellished jackets and coats that were on the catwalk today?

GC: Oh my goodness. I would wear absolutely everything that I saw in the show today. There were some stunning pieces.

Who has great style, from past or present?

GC: Apart from my stylist, Rebecca? Well, going right back into history, Anna May Wong had incredible style. She was an actress from the golden era of Hollywood. She was such a chameleon. [Source]

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